This is the maximum security you can do for your home

For those of you who often travel, home security is indeed one thing you should always pay attention to. Ensuring that the house is locked properly is something you must do optimally. One way you can do is lock the door of the house. Unfortunately, many don’t keep the house keys properly so when you need them, you have to look for them in various places. If this happens, you will need services from the Locksmith.

Below, there are several other ways to keep your home secure and optimal as long as you leave home for a long time. Some of the ways referred to here are.

1. Don’t just lock the door of the house



Locking the door before leaving home is indeed a must. But don’t just lock the door. Also, strengthen the door base with a broom or other paddle. So that your house is completely locked. Or in modern times you can use a variety of other modern tools as the right security system and make your home security even better. Make sure that the house key is really maximum and right.

2. Not uploading anything on social media
When you are away with family or on vacation alone, maybe you can’t wait to upload it on social media. But this is the same as telling the thief that your house is empty. It’s better to hold yourself to upload the moment until you return. This little thing is rarely noticed by many people but has a huge effect on the security of your home.

3. Take care of the door and window of the house
Re-check the windows and doors before you leave. Do not let windows or doors open. Also, check all gaps until there are no entry points for thieves. Maintain security in these two parts of the house, because thieves might carry out their actions and enter your house through the windows of your house and not through the door. This of course you should always be aware of and make sure your doors and windows are closed properly and correctly.

4. Ask your neighbors to receive letters and packages
Left homecoming for a week, do not close the possibility of the arrival of letters or packages to your home. Mailboxes and packages that are abundant in front of the house indicate that the house has no people. Ask someone you trust to take the letter and package until you return.

Some of the above methods you must do to maintain the security of your home. Also make sure that your house key is in good quality and is not damaged so you can lock your house easily.